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The Facts of Sterilisation

Sterilisation refers to the surgical procedure to remove the ovaries (female dogs) and testicles (male dogs) to prevent reproduction.

The best age for sterilisation is as soon as your vet is prepared to do it!  It can be done as young as a few weeks of age with no detrimental effect, but it would be preferable to wait until the puppy has had all its vaccinations.

A bitch does not need to come on heat first.

A bitch does not need to have puppies first.

Effects of Sterilisation:




Castration improves the quality of life of male dogs.  Castration is not cruel – sexual behaviour in dogs is instinct driven, not voluntary.

Behaviour problems occur less often in sterilised animals.

Does sterilisation cause dogs to become fat?

No.  Too much food and too little exercise cause dogs to become fat.  Some dogs do become fatter after sterilisation, but many more don’t.  It is the owner’s responsibility to monitor the dog’s weight and adjust the diet accordingly.

Can medication suppress heat in a bitch?

Hormonal preparations are available to postpone or suppress heat but may result in pyometra (a serious medical risk), and are not always 100 % effective.


Dog breeding is not a profitable business!  Bitches often need caesareans, puppies become sick and even die, they require deworming and vaccinations and a lot of the time, and effort and money are required to breed good quality puppies.  Breeders have a huge responsibility to select suitable owners for the puppies the sell.  More young, healthy dogs die because owners simply don’t like them anymore after a few months and then have them euthanased, than dogs dying of physical disease.  Think carefully before you let your bitch have puppies.


Less interest in females on heat    

Reduced aggresion towards other dogs    

Decreases wandering    

Decreases left-lifting    

Decreases mounting behaviour    

Reduced risk of prostatic disease    

Reduced risk of peri-anal cancer    

Does not affect guarding instinct    


They no longer come on heat    

Cannot have puppies    

Reduced risk of Pyometra*    

Reduced risk of mammary cancer    

Does not affect guarding instinct    



* Pyometra: Infection of uterus, often fatal.